RE/W2ENT ConverterThe Witcher 3D models converter

What is it ?

The Witcher 3D models converter is a software to convert the 3D models of the game The Witcher 1, The Witcher 2, The Witcher 3 and of the RedKit in various formats.

The software includes some features like :
- The Witcher 3 support : You can extract the 3D models of The Witcher 3. This feature is a work in progress, animations support is still experimental.
- The Witcher 2 support : Include a DZIP extractor to unpack the files of the game. And the possibility to convert the 3D models of The Witcher 2 to the most common 3D formats with advanced features like rigging and skinning (the animations aren't supported).
- Redkit support : You can import your 3D models in the Redkit from all the 3D softwares, the Redkit format (.re) is fully supported with features like LODs or Collision mesh.
- The Witcher 1 support : The software include a .bif extractor and a very basic TW1 loader to extract the 3D models of The Witcher 3.
- Common 3D formats support : The software is based on the Irrlicht Engine and Assimp so it supports many formats in input/output (most of these formats are here and here).
- Search tool and many options : The software is easy to use and it has many tools and options like the search tool to find easily the 3D models of the game.

The software is still in development and it is open source.

How to use ?

The software is easy to use and has a very light interface.
Check the wiki for the tutorials
The .w2ent converter


The Witcher 3D models Converter 2.8 for Windows
Source code of The Witcher 3D models Converter 2.7 (Moved to a Git repo)


26/12/2017 : Update 2.8

- Add a .bundle extractor for TW3
- Change a bit the arrangement of the menus.

11/12/2017 : Update 2.7

The Witcher 3 :
- Experimental animations support enabled !
It still buggy, and the other problem yet is that animated meshes export it's nor currently yet supported.
- Fix a bug for some w2mi loading (so fix some missing materials)
The Witcher 2 :
I have made a DZIP extractor available directly in the menu.
Materials explorer :
now possible to clic on the link of the textures to open them directly
Search tool :
- Add a "fast search" mode automatically used if the files have previously been previously index in a "files.txt" file.
So to use it, copy the scriipt "index.bat" in the "tools" subfolder, paste it in your base directori and run it
It will generale a "files.txt" file and the search tool will be a lot faster
- "Load rig" for the rig files and "Load animations" for the animation
- Checkboxs to select the type of content searched
General :
- The window can now be resized
- The log system has been rewritten, now it's not the big performance killer of the previous version

14/01/2017 : Update 2.6

- Fix an issue with the GOTY version and the last updates of TW3
- Add a "Materials explorer" in TW3 tools
- Add the possibility to open the files in the app directly with the Windows Explorer (right click/open with)

09/08/2016 : Update 2.5

- Fix some crashes with TW2 loader
- Fix some crashes with TW3 loader
- Add an option in TW3 settings to load only the best LOD of the models
- Fix a bug with the control of the camera
- Update IrrAssimp for a better support of the common file formats and add the glTF format for the imports/exports

23/07/2016 : Update 2.4

TW3 importer update :
- Better skeletons support
- Fix some crashes
And other changes :
- Add some tools for TW1 : a .bif extractor and a very basic mesh loader
- Improve the search tool : the researchs are multithreaded, they are faster, and the UI doen't freeze during the researchs (it's now possible to close the window or to load a model during this time)
- Fix the export folder of the files when there are exported in a "custom folder" (broken in error in a previous update)
- Fix the loading of the textures for the textures extracted with the LUA tool (broken in error in a previous update)
- Update Qt, Irrlicht and Assimp (include some fixes for some of the common import/export formats)

Older news


This software is based on various libraries and source code, thanks a lot to their authors :
The software use the Qt framework, the Irrlicht engine for the 3D rendering and many imports and exports, and Assimp for some imports and exports.
The w2ent/w2mesh importer for The Witcher 2 is based on the importer for Blender 2.49b made by Szadradek123.
Thanks to Matthew Przychodzki (Cedrik PL) for the polish translation of the soft.
Thanks to Chris for his half float patch and to the users of the soft for your feedbacks and reports.


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