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How to import a 3D model in the Redkit from a 3D modelling software ?

Export your models

In the first place, you have to export your 3D models in a format supported by the W2ENT-Converter.
The list of the supported formats is the list of the formats supported by the Irrlicht engine, you can find it here (There are also 3D World Studio (.smf) and Half-Life model (.mdl) because this list is not up to date, and the FBX format from IrrExt).

About the textures :
- Don't use capital letters in the name of the textures, it can cause problems
- For a normal map, set the same name than the diffuse map, but with a "_n" suffix. For the specular maps, use the "_s" suffix
- If the textures are not loaded correctly in the Redkit, you can set the textures manually.

If you use differents LODS, you should set the differents LODs at the same position and export the LODS in differents files (one file per LOD).
If you use a collision mesh, it works exactly like the LODs, set your collision mesh at the position of the object and export the collision mesh in a separated file.

In my case, I have made a little 3D model in Blender (with 2 LODS), and I exported it in the .obj format, because it's a very simple format, and it is well supported by Blender and Irrlicht.
After this, I import these files in the W2ent-Converter. To do this :
- I start the W2ent-Converter
- I click on the "Select 3D models" button, and I load my LOD0 model.

- To add the LOD1, I go to .RE tools/LOD/LOD1 to select the LOD1 layer, and I load the LOD1 model with the "Select 3D models" button.

- Now, I will set the size of my objet. I go to .RE tools/Size, and I set the size of the object. This is the same size as the Redkit size.

- After this, select "RedEngine (.re)" in the format selector, set the name of your file, and click on the "Export" button.

Now you have your .re file.
Open the Redkit, and import the textures before the .re file.
Import your .re file, and your model is in the redkit.

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